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Nice machine ! The machine has as a big advantage the sidesealer is place BEFORE the transverse sealing bar.

Deu of this construction idea it is possible that the waste strip cannot be damaged by the transverse sealing bar.

The end result is an stronger waste strip and this advantage let’s produce the machine more smoothly.

The machine can be optionally equipped with a shrinktunnel.

Hugo BECK Flexo 500S

Bought for a special product which has already been removed from the shelves after 8 months. So the machine is like new !

Equipped with a adjustable film folding box.

Machine has a intermitting tranverse sealingbar and side sealer.
Both units a constantly heated and coated with teflon !

In-line machine complete  with an  shrinktunnel.

Hugo BECK PS400 Super

Beautiful machine, just out of the workshop and is back at 100% in order. Nice complete packaging line with a shrink tunnel and a KOCH accumulation chain driven roller conveyor.

The entry and exit conveyor belts are renuwed.
Machine has only made 48000 packs during his history !


04.2 Full automatic machines ....

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Heavy solid machine from HUGO BECK PS700 with a fixed adjustable film folding box.

As new bought with EU subsidy and after that hardly used…..

Cleaned it up , did some paint jobs and tested the machine,
Ideal for a manufacturing  to wrap trays in film .....

Hugo BECK PS700 inline machine.

BVM 4010 compacta side sealer Hugo Beck Flexo 500S Hugo Beck PS700 folding box machine

All the machines have seen the workshop for a short of longer period....

The workshop of Kleverpark Techniek bv.We are working at a KALLFASS NT700 packaging machine

Good working BVM compacta 4010,

With new in- and outfeed conveyor belts.

Provided with side seal , adjustable film folding box and a NEW constantly heated sealing bar .

Tested and complete with all documentation……

BVM compacta 4010

KALLFASS NT700 side sealer Hugo Beck BPS450

Banderoling machine  ( filmrol up and down ) with a shrinktunnel 90 degrees infeed and has the possibilty to operate it manually or in full automatic mode.
Completly overhauled and freshly painted....

Hugo BECK BPS 450

Hugo Beck PS400 Super

Machine purchased maintained at a pharmaceutical compagny.
Because of the high rate of the production , it was decided to make a double seal stroke machine.
In this case it made not shrunken tighly bundles .….
We made a movie of this process !

PESTER 450SN double line seal/stroke


Complete packaging line from HUGO BECK PS700 type with a adjustable film folding box.

Complete with a film rewind system, shrinktunnel, several accumulation chain driven roller conveyors.
Formerly used to wrap isolation plates for the aircraft industry

Hugo BECK PS700 inline machine.

Hugo Beck PS700 adjustable folding box NOVOPACK ANL160 banderoling machine

Huge banderoling machine or curtain machine from NOVOPACK,

Checked, cleaned and replaced some ball-bearings.

The packaging line is complete with a shrinktunnel .

NOVOPACK banderolling machine ANL160